The Blair Witch Project (1999)

Adrien Sahores photographed by Vincent Van De Wijngaard in a collection of romantic images for Vogue Hommes International. 

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"For a long time I wasn’t
entirely sure I wanted to
put myself back together,
because letting go of the
sadness would mean I
had to redefine myself.
And sometimes, I still feel
like chasing the darkness,
because I don’t exactly
know who I am without
it. I realised I made a
home out of something I
should have never let in."

- wtm, chasing the darkness (via wordscanbeenough)

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Kate Moss photographed by Gene Lemuel (1989).

Andy Warhol, Janis Joplin, Paul Morrisey and Tim Buckley, 1968

Anonymous asked: any tips on self confidence for girls?


Get up. Favourite lingerie. Favourite outfit. As much or as little make up as you like. Look in the mirror. Hair flip. I am a hot bitch. I deserve exactly what I want. I will never settle for less. Repeat until you feel it to your core. Make plans for world domination. Go out. Kill it.